CSE 494/598 Information Retrieval, Mining and Integration on the Internet

Next Offering: Spring 2016; Friday 12:15-2:45 (Instructor: Lydia Manikonda)

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Lecture Notes and Recorded Video

Instructor: Subbarao Kambhampati
Class: T/Th 4:30--5:45 BYAC 270
Office Hours: T/Th 1-2pm BY560

  1. Introduction [Aug 18, 2011]

  2. Course Overview + Big themes

  3. Information Retrieval

  4. Indexing, Retrieval, and Tolerant Dictionaries

  5. Correlation analysis and Latent Semantic Indexing (Annotated version of the matlab session playing with SVD is here.).

  6. Doing IR on Web: Anchor Text; Page Importance Measures

  7. Social networks and their applications on the Web

  8. Engineering Issues in Web Search. Crawling; map-reduce; efficient indexing and link analysis

  9. Clustering of Text Data

  10. Text Categorization

  11. Recommender Systems

  12. Search Advertising

  13. Specifying and Exploiting Structure

  14. Automated extraction of Structure: Information Extraction

  15. Information Integration

  16. End review

Final Exam: Tuesday December 13th 2:30--4:20pm
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