CSE 494 Readings

The main papers are those starting un-indented. The indented numbered papers are optional readings

General (non-technical) readings

Relevant Online text-books

Traditional Information Retrieval readings

  • Manning et al book on information retrieval. Chapters from the book would provide good text-book material for IR topics
  • A textbook (in development) on mining massive datasets. Has good coverage of link analysis, map-reduce, advertising on the web etc.
  • Text Retrieval (a draft chapter from Wei Meng, SUNY Binhghamton. Used with Dr. Meng's permission).
  • Special readings for latent semantic indexing: Chapter on LSI in Mannig et al book

  • Search Engine Technology (a draft chapter from Wei Meng, SUNY Binhghamton. Used with Dr. Meng's permission).(Primary Reference**)

    (Distributed) Indexing


    Cluster computing

    Social Networks

    Overall Seach Engine


    Text Classification & Collaborative and Content-based Filtering

    Database refresher readings

    XML as a Semi-structured Language

    Semantic Web

    Information Extraction

    Data Integration

  • Logic based techniques in data integration. Alon Levy
  • On the need for Schema Mapping

    Query Optimization/Procesing in Data Integration

    Collection Selection (Text data aggregation)

    Combining Database and Information Retrieval

    All of the following are short papers...

    Web Services

    Background Refreshers

    1. Some basics of linear algebra (vectors, matrices, eigen values).
    2. Matrices, vectors spaces and Information Retrieval Berry et. al. (a math view of linear algebra in IR
    3. Here are refreshers on database background.

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