Yochan Information Integration Group

Yochan Information Integration Group

We are broadly interested in developing flexible frameworks for data and information integration. Our projects include BibFinder, Havasu, and Emerac. We are part of ET-I3 a university-wide initiative on Intelligent Information Integration.


  • Professor Subbarao Kambhampati.

  • Zaiqing Nie is working on BibFinder, a meta-search engine for bibliographic entries, that uses automatically gathered coverage and overlap statistics. Earlier, he had done work on multi-objective query optimization for data integration scenarios.
  • Ullas Nambiar is working on supporting imprecise queries in information aggregation scenarios
  • Thomas Hernandez is working on integrating bio-informatics data sources, and on statistics-oriented approaches for meta-search on text databases.
  • Jianchun Fan is working on flexible approaches for web-service composition


  • Eric Lambrecht developed the Emerac data integration system, that uses a novel framework for supporting recursive information gathering queries.
  • Sreelakshmi Vaddi worked on adaptive execution techniques for data integration scenarios.