If you got here directly, check out the Yochan Group Homepage for an overview of our activities. Following is the list of survey papers and introductory/overview materials written by Subbarao Kambhampati. For the research papers, please go to the publications page.

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  1. Model-lite Planning for the Web Age Masses: The Challenges of Planning with Incomplete and Evolving Domain Theories
    Subbarao Kambhampati.
    AAAI 2007.

  2. How to skin a planning graph for fun and profit: A Tutorial on Planning Graph Based Reachability Heuristics.
    Daniel Bryce and Subbarao Kambhampati.
    AI Magazine (Vol 28, No. 1, Spring 2007)

    (A set of slides that can be used to present this material in class can be found here).

  3. On the sub-optimality of the optimal planning track at IPC
    A blog post and comments (from others). July 2006.

  4. Learning Methods in Planning Subbarao Kambhampati. Lectures delivered at 2006 Machine Learning Summer School. Canberra, 2006.

  5. Learning-assisted automated planning: Looking back, taking stock, going forward
    Terry Zimmerman and Subbarao Kambhampati. AI Magazine 24(2):73-96. Summer 2003

  6. 1001 ways to skin a planning graph for heuristic fun and profit.
    Subbarao Kambhampati. Slides from the Invited Talk. ICAPS 2003.

  7. Integration of Bioinfomratic Sources: Current Approaches and Systems
    Thomas Hernandez and Subbarao Kambhampati, ASU CSE TR 03-005. July 2003.

  8. A Critique of Knowledge-based planning track at ICP
    Subbarao Kambhampati. Position paper to be presented at the ICAPS Workshop on the Competition: Impact, Organization, Evaluation and Benchmarks. 2003. Here are the talk slides

  9. Research Issues at the Intersection of Planning and Constraint Programming.
    A. Naryek and S. Kambhampati. Constraints Journal. Special Issue on Planning. 2002.

  10. A review of the original Nonlin paper Subbarao Kambhampti. Posted to the Planning List Digest as part of the series "Reminiscences of Influential Papers in Planning"

  11. Information Integration on the Web. Craig Knoblock and Subbarao Kambhampati. A tutorial delivered at AAAI 2002.

  12. Integrating Planning and Scheduling: Status and Prospects. Subbarao Kambhampati. Slides of the Invited Talk at KBCS 2000 (Bombay, India, December 2000).

  13. Winning by being Lazy: Hierarchy, Abstraction and Least-commitment in the new-age planning
    S. Kambhampati. Invited talk at
    NIPS-98 workshop on Abstraction and Hierarchy in Reinforcement Learning.

  14. Recent Advances in AI Planning: A Unifying View. Tutorial presented at AAAI-2000 (and Summer School on Planning) S. Kambhampati

  15. Refinement planning as a unifying framework for plan synthesis
    S. Kambhampati
    AI Magazine, Vol 18. No. 2, Summer, 1997. Here is the pdf version of the article as it appears in AI Magazine.

  16. Recent Advances in AI Planning: A Unifying View. Tutorial presented at IJCAI-99. S. Kambhampati

  17. Refinement planning: Status and Prospectus
    S. Kambhampati.
    AAAI-96 invited talk.
    Color slides (with commentary) ( HTML version or ( Postscript or Compressed Postscript)
    Black and white slides (with commentary) ( Postscript or Compressed Postscript)
    Proceedings paper (a bit dated; talk is more up to date) ( Postscript)

  18. Planning for Information Gathering: A Tutorial Survey
    E. Lambrecht and S. Kambhampati
    ASU CSE TR 97-017, May 1997.

  19. Planning and Scheduling
    T. Dean and S. Kambhampati
    CRC Handbook of Computer Science and Engineering (to appear),1995

  20. Theoretical Contributions of Artificial Intelligence
    Subbarao Kambhampati. IEEE Computer. Vol. 29 Issue 10.

  21. AI Planning: A prospectus on theory and applications
    S. Kambhampati
    ACM Computing Survyes: Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Sept. 1995

  22. Planning Methods In Artificial Intelligence (Notes from the ASU Planning Seminar)
    Compiled by S. Kambhampati. ASU CSE TR 96-004

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