Lecture Notes for CSE571 (F10)

If you are registered for CSE571 in Fall 2012, Please make sure to take this survey

Lecture notes:

The videos linked from the schedule are all off-line videos. The full set of videos is available as a playlist from YouTube above.

  1. Introduction
  2. (Deterministic) Planning (Here is a tutorial on landmark heuristics)
  3. MDPs
  4. Stochastic planning and Efficient Approaches for solving MDPs
  5. Planning in Belief-space
  6. POMDPs
  7. Reinforcement Learning
  8. Statistical Learning
  9. Temporal Probabilistic Models


  1. 11/29:
  2. 12/1: Final project presentations
  3. 12/6: Final project presentations
  4. 12/15: Final Exam (scheduled) 9:50--11:40 in BY 510
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