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Re: Clarification needed on DBN question

In this part of the question you calculate the probability that the patient has
flu on the *second* day given that the test on the *second* day came positive.

(In the next part, you have an argument with your friend about the flu probability
on the first day).


On 12/10/06, Srinath Reddy Bodala <Srinath.Bodala@asu.edu> wrote:
Dear Prof,

I need clarification regarding a question on DBN. I am reproducing the
question here for your convenience.


Given your representation above, after one days' stay in the hospital
the patient is tested and the test came positive. (1) What is the
probability that the patient actually has flu? Show your calculation.

I have doubt regarding whether I have to calculate probability of
patient having flu on the first day or second day.

Hope I am clear.

Srinath Reddy B.