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HW2 Recitation, Time and Place

In the interests of setting a schedule earlier rather than
later...(that is, so people can make plans accordingly)

The time will be Friday 5:00-6:00 pm; the vote is overwhelmingly in
favor of this slot, at the current state of my inbox (approx 90%).  I
suppose the slot has the added advantage of coming after the thursday
class, so there will be more to discuss!  My apologies to anyone who
intended to vote, but didn't -- in the case of future votes on
recitation times, I will try to give more than a day to respond.

The place will be in BYENG 576, especially since I foresee little
conflict with others at that time; I wouldn't be surprised if the
building was nearly empty after 4 pm on a friday ;).  In the event of
some unforseen conflict, we'll move somewhere else, like 510, and
leave some kind of note near 576 for the invariably late.