Integrating Planning and Scheduling: Status and Prospects


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Table of Contents

Integrating Planning and Scheduling: Status and Prospects

Planning vs. Scheduling

Need for Integration

Why now?

Approaches for Integration


Planning: The State of the Art

(Deterministic) Planning: The problem

The (too) many brands of classical planners

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Plan Representation

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Tradeoffs among Refinements

A flexible Split & Prune search for Refinement Planning

Broad Themes in the Planning Renaissance

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Heuristics based on the Planning Graph

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Important ideas in solving CSPs

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Compilation to Integer Linear Programming

Relative Tradeoffs Offered by the various compilation substrates

Disjunctive Planning

Planning: Current Status

Scheduling: The State of the Art

Scheduling: Brief Overview

Job Shop Scheduling as a CSP

Constraint Propagation

Contention-based Ordering Heuristic

Slack-based Ordering Heuristic (Precedence constraint-posting slack)

Current State of Scheduling as CSP

Integrating Planning & Scheduling


Decoupled approaches (which is how Project Mgmt Done now)

Extending Planners

Actions with Resources and Duration

What planners are good for handling resources and time?

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Monolithic Architectures Scale Poorly

Loosely Coupled Architectures

Making Loose Coupling Work


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Performance of Master-Slave Coupling

RealPlan: Peer-to-Peer

Inter-module Dependency Directed Backtracking

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Summary & Conclusion

Author: Subbarao Kambhampati


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