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Re: For those people who wanted to take part in the interactive reviewbut didn't get a chance..

One correction: Lei.Tang@asu.edu is not my email address.

Please send to L.Tang@asu.edu


Subbarao Kambhampati wrote:
If logging onto the class blog acts as an additional disincentive, just send your
input to me and lei ( rao@asu.edu, lei.tang@asu.edu -- use the same subject as this mail)


On 12/5/06, Subbarao Kambhampati <rao@asu.edu> wrote:
 Those of you who wanted to take part in the interactive review but didn't get a chance because
we ran out of time--please add your comments to the blog--preferaby as a response to this mail.

We will then collect those in making the acquired wisdom page for this year (it seems odd to have
acquired wisdom of only half the clas...)