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Attendance statistics...

Here are the self-reported attendance statistics, for your edification:

17  had perfect attendance (18 if you include me ;-)
4 missed 1 class
6 missed 2 classes
3 missed 3 classes
1 missed 4 classes
1 missed 7 classes

This gives a mean absence rate of 1.125 classes/person

[Of course, I only had 32 responses and the roster says I have 37 students.
So either five of you apparently either didnt show up today or  were in class but forgot to
turn in the following information. Either way, please do, or I will assume you missed all classes ;-)]


CSE 471/598 Attendance/Participation Sheet






Total number of classes missed:_______________________



                  The number missed with prior notification:___________________



Number of times you asked a question in the class (circle one):


    Never        Maybe once or twice          5-10 times        >10 times


(Please give your best estimate)