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Fwd: Instructor/Course Evaluations

 As per the mail below, I am encouraging you to complete the course evaluations before next wednesday.
Your feedback--especially written comments--will be carefully read.

(By the way, to state the obvious, we get these only after all the grades are submitted etc. So, you can be candid ;-)


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From: James Collofello <JAMES.COLLOFELLO@asu.edu >
Date: Nov 29, 2006 5:41 PM
Subject: Instructor/Course Evaluations
To: "DL.WG.CEAS.Faculty" <DL.WG.CEAS.Faculty@mainex1.asu.edu>


The Fall 2006 teaching evaluations are scheduled to be available to students starting Wed 11/29 around 9:00 am and will close at Wed 12/6 (reading day) at 12:00 midnight.  Students will be able to access the evaluation tool at:   https://intraweb.eas.asu.edu/eval

Please encourage your students to complete the evaluations or face several nagging email requests.  Good luck on your scores!

James S. Collofello

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering