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Re: Next Tuesday's class format: Interactive Review...

You may also want to bring in notes for more than 2 minutes worth of
interesting things to say, since it is somewhat probable that if you
find something interesting, someone else in the class, speaking before
you, will have found interesting as well.


On 11/29/06, Subbarao Kambhampati <rao@asu.edu> wrote:

It is customary to do an end-of-course review in the last class. My version
of this is to let *you* do the review. This is called the
"interactive review" session.

A significant portion of Tuesday's class--which will also be the last class
of the semester--will  consist of interactive review and discussion.

 If you are registered for this course, attendance to this class is

Each of you will get about 2min to hold forth on any of the following:

 -->topics covered in the course that particularly caught your fancy (and
 --> intriguing connections *between* the various topics covered in the
course that struck you
 --> what topics--if any--got overplayed or should have gotten more coverage

 It may be useful for you to make some notes along these lines *before*
coming to class--so
 you have everything ready to hold-forth when called on.


ps: Tomorrow--Thursday--we will have our regular class which will continue
discussion of Machine Learning