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*Important*--Please read (about Project 4; upcoming gigantic homework assignment; making up for early projects etc)


Here are several announcements:

1. It looks like there will not be enough time for a coding oriented project 5. So, project 4 will be the last coding project.
(I can see your disappointed looks; I am sorry it had to be this way..)

2. The main assignment after project 4 is a double homework that has been evolving. I will extend it with problems (and perhaps  mini-applet assignments) on learning. This homework will be done on the last day of the class (5th December--no exceptions).  Furthermore, there may not be an explicit one week gap between the addition of last question and the due date. So, I strongly suggest that you all start working on the problems that are already there.

3. Since there is no project after the prolog one, I am willing to allow students who did very badly in any of the earlier projects a  chance to improve their project grades. If you want to do that, let me and the TA know (and also let us know which project(s) you want to work on and what your grade on it was); we may be able to tell you whether it will be worth your time. (Your final project grade will be a weighted average of the two grades). *All* work must be submitted by the last day of the class--no exceptions.

4. Since project 4 is the last project, I am also willing to take it without penalty until Wednesday make-up class; and with a flat 3*pi % late penalty until next Monday.  Those who have banked an extension can give it until next Monday without penalty.(I know there is no class on Monday--it is your responsibility to hand-in the hard copy--either at the dept office or to the TA)
 [Of course, you can hand it in tomorrow and  spend your time on other things such as the homework.]

that is all