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Re: project 4 report question

Thanks for this question. The trace produced by prolog with all the failing paths can be quite large and is pointless to include. I would suggest that appropriately edited trace (where the editing operations only involve *removing* parts of the trace) be submitted.


On 11/19/06, Mandar Joshi <mandar.joshi@asu.edu> wrote:
Hi Lei and Prof Rao ,

I just wanted to ask what exactly we are expected to show regarding
the output of prolog with domain 2 that is family tree .

(For earlier parts i am including edited output as the trace was very crisp )

The dribble file for domain2 questions  is very large. Should we just mention logical steps that prolog has taken
to prove/answer the question.(not actual console statements ..)   Or we just mention our final answer (along with observations if any)

The actual output can be verified as we are submitting the code also.

If any one of you can throw some light on how much we include in report it would be great .