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KABOOM and Core-meltdown (Re: late in the day question about Project Three)

By KABOOM, I meant "Core Meltdown" occurs. (So your interpretation "a")
(I just assumed that core-meltdown will be accompanied
with a big noise I didn't think that core meltdown will not be detectable to the outsiders as you seem to suggest.
You may well be right from a strict nuclear technology stand point--but I stand by my theory)


ps: Here is a
link to Chernobyl disaster which says that meltdown produced enough of a fall out cloud for people to realize
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl_accident )

On 11/1/06, Al Welle < Al.Welle@asu.edu> wrote:
Dear Rao,
As I prefer to "save" any "get out of jail free" cards I'm given I'm trying to
finish Project Three tonight/tomorrow.
I have a couple questions about Task Part One Questions 3A and 3B.
First, are they, in fact, extra credit ?
Second, when you describe the "Kaboom during the holiday season" I
feel there is a little vagueness about the criteria for determining if a
"Kaboom" happens.
(that is, how would the residents of Springfield "prove" or "feel" that
a Kaboom happened)
Is it:
a) a CoreMeltdown occurs (is this nominally something those outside
the plant can detect)
b) either of Glow In-the Dark employees / Apu's Slurpee's Liquify are
detected (even though both of these conditions might occur even if a
Kaboom doesn't happen during the holiday season)
c) any of CM/GID/ASL occurs/is detected (even if no one glows and
the slushies are ok, someone rats Burn's out for the reward if CM
I was originally leaning toward b) but as I consider the problem in more
depth I think c) is actually the best definition of a Kaboom.
Thanks for any clarification you feel you can give,