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Re: Midterm Recitation

Well, a fair number of people seem to have a conflict from 10:40-11:55
on tuesday, and tuesday is winning anyways (by a little bit; perhaps
it is only the case that the e-mail obsessive (=early voters) prefer
mornings?).  So I figure if people are free 10:00-11:00, they must not
have a 9:15-10:30 class (or a 10:40).

Long story short, there is a late entry on the ballot, tuesday' -- 9:30-10:30.

It will not be at a serious disadvantage despite the late entry,
because I will assume that everyone who has said tuesday so far also
likes tuesday' -- you only need to email me again if that isn't true.
Ideally, tuesday' will absorb all the monday people and the people who
are conflicting with both days.