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Midterm Recitation

Apparently people are still interested in recitation sessions, which
is nice to hear :).

I'm available on Monday starting at 3 pm, nominally ending at 4 pm
(but I think history shows that recitation sessions go for an extra
half hour of specific questions), or tuesday starting at 10 am
(nominally ending at 11 am).

If you have a preference over those two times, send me a note -- I'll
be picking which day for sure no later than saturday.

There is a ton of material that could be covered (and not enough time
to review it all), so I'd really appreciate input on what particular
topics are the most confusing, i.e., most interesting to review.
Otherwise, the default plan is to review my favorite ideas covered in
class since the end of recitation 2 till present, maybe throw in some
of the really important older material, like A*.

Good luck on the test!