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Lei's mail on project grading

Hi, folks.

The project reports will return to you in Tomorrow's class.

Here are the guideline for the grading:
Part I(20) + Part II (25) + Part III(30) + Presentation & Analysis (25) + Extra (5+5+5+10).
Thus, the full score is  100+25.

Here are some general suggestions to write a good report:
1. Write the report clearly so that I can find out you do finish each task. Some description of your implementation would be appreciated. Don't just give me the source code.
2. Give the output of some sample test calls to show that you code has no bug.
3. Given the output, do some thorough analysis. You can plot some figures to show the difference of different methods, to check whether it is consistent with the theoretical result (like the time complexity, space complexity, order of increase etc.) What are the conclusions? Does it make sense?
4. Did you encounter any problem during the project? Anything unexpected? Can you conjecture any method to resolve it? Are there possible ways to get better solutions?

The basic philosophy is that, the more you spend on this project, the more you gain. 
Please don't treat the project as just a "project".  but  a chance for exploration.

Some students just gave the source code. That's too bad.  Some students just gave me the output for each test case without any comment or analysis. Unfortunately,  these students probably will lose the credits for the analysis part. On the other hand, some other students really did a good job on analysis part with beautiful figures to show the trend for comparison. 

BTW: The link of project 2 submission in the blackboard system under the assignment directory.  Please hand in your program through that link. Don't use the digital drop box. Thanks!