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Fwd: Planning Questions

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fwd: Planning Questions

You can consider building a planning graph for the following problem:

Initial Conditions: (and (garbage) (cleanHands) (quiet))
Goal: (and (dinner) (present) (not (garbage)))
cook :precondition (cleanHands)
:effect (dinner)
wrap :precondition (quiet)
:effect (present))
carry :precondition
:effect (and (not (garbage)) (not (cleanHands)))
dolly :precondition
:effect (and (not (garbage)) (not (quiet)))

The correct planning graph can be found in the paper


(Figure 5 shows the graph with mutexes)

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From: Archana Ramesh < Archana.Ramesh@asu.edu>
Date: Oct 15, 2006 1:27 AM
Subject: Planning Questions
To: rao@asu.edu

I did some reading on Planning and I think I've understood it much better now than I had before HW2. If you have access to any questions on Planning- similar to the ones asked in HW2, could you please email them to me, as I would like to check my understanding now.
Thank you very much,

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