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Re: [cse471 Fall 2006 Blog] New comment on [cse471-f06][Announce] Homework 1 Socket opened...

"socket" is just a fancy name for asynchronously the assigned homeworks.

-->I will open the homework socket
--> I will put up questions on the homeworks piecemeal as the topics get covered in the class
-->At some point, I will announce that the homework is now complete and close the "socket"
-->the homework is typically due in the class one week after the socket is closed


On 8/27/06, Kirk <noreply-comment@blogger.com> wrote:
Kirk has left a new comment on your post " [cse471-f06][Announce] Homework 1 Socket opened..":

Dr Rao, I'm not familiar with the socket system for homework assignments. What is the mechanism for submitting my work?

Posted by Kirk to cse471 Fall 2006 Blog at 8/27/2006 10:59 PM

Subbarao Kambhampati