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[cse471-f06]:Highly recommended free lisp environment for your PC (just stick to this one)

Between my and the TA's lisp resources, I realize that there are too many links to possible lisp interpreters you can use. I would like to make your choice easy by
suggesting that you all use the free "Lisp in a box" implementation (with Clisp module).

I just installed it on my windows XP in under 10min, and was able to
run the project 1 code. It ran flawlessly pretty much out of the box. [it is available for both windows and linux].

The environment--emacs with clisp--is the very best way to use lisp (you will get both the best ever editor in the world and the best ever language in the world; and
to get the recursion going, the best ever editor is actually written in the best-ever language (a variant of it anyways).

Finally there is a great online guide that is written around lisp-in-a-box.

Here are the links in one place:

http://common-lisp.net/project/lispbox/#windows  [downloading emacs interface and clisp together --stick to clisp which is free and I checked to make sure it works]

http://www.gigamonkeys.com/book/  (the practical common-lisp book that is written _around_ lisp-in-a-box lisp


ps: Yay yay to Lei Tang for suggesting it!

Subbarao Kambhampati