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Autonomous Systems Positions (2) at MBARI

       Autonomous Systems Research Positions in the Ocean Sciences

One is regular full time (immediate opening); the other is expected to
be two years duration, beginning September 2006.

Full-time position: Ph.D. or an advanced degree in computer science, or
related field, and minimum five years experience in developing
autonomous systems using symbolic AI techniques is required. Bachelor's
degree in computer science, or equivalent, and minimum seven years
experience in autonomous systems is acceptable.

Two-year position: Same requirements as above, except for years of
experience: Ph.D. or advanced degree in computer science, or related
field, or bachelor's degree plus three years relevant experience is

The following applies to both positions: Must be able to program in
C/C++/Java with some familiarity in LISP and functional
languages. Proven track record demonstrating software development with
deployed/fielded systems, or those fielded based on the individual's
efforts in real-world surroundings, is required.

Demonstrated capability in at least one or more of the following topical
areas of interest in automated reasoning is desired:

    + Automated Planning/Scheduling and Execution
    + Fault Diagnosis and Recovery/Integrated Vehicle Health Mgmt (IVHM)
    + Constraint Satisfaction and/or Constraint-based Reasoning
    + Mathematical Optimization
    + Model-Based Reasoning
    + Agent Architectures

Must have excellent communication skills and be able to work well with
diverse groups of people. These positions will work in an
interdisciplinary environment with research and development staff as
well as marine operations personnel. Must be willing to go to sea for
specified periods.

About MBARI:

Founded in 1987 by the founder of HP, the late David Packard, the
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI www.mbari.org) is a
private oceanographic research institute, uniquely dedicated to the
development of state-of-the-art equipment, instrumentation, systems and
methods for scientific research in the deep waters of the ocean. Located
on the coast in Moss Landing, California, MBARI's research center
includes science and engineering laboratories, as well as an operations
facility to support our research vessels and oceanographic equipment,
including remotely operated and autonomous underwater robotic vehicles.

With the advent of new ocean observatories (MARS, NEPTUNE, and MOOS, for
example) and platforms, many pioneered by MBARI researchers, Artificial
Intelligence (AI) tools and techniques will likely have a substantial
impact on understanding large scale oceanographic phenomenon, in
event-detection and response, autonomous command and control of robotic
platforms, robust mission operations in hostile environments and
resource management, among others. Critical AI, autonomy and automated
reasoning technologies may therefore be in a position to play a major
role within the ocean science community.

Some additional information on MBARI can be found at:

http://www.mbari.org/rd/projects/current_projects.html  for ongoing projects.
http://www.mbari.org/auv/				for underwater robots
http://www.mbari.org/dmo/vessels.htm		for its in-house research vessels
http://www.mbari.org/about/researchers.html	for key research personnel

For additional details on these positions, please contact the technical
point of contact, Kanna Rajan (Kanna.Rajan@mbari.org).

Address your cover letter to:

	MBARI, Human Resources
	Job Code: Must specify SE-ASR-FT
	    (regular, full-time position), or SE-ASR-2 (two-year position)
	7700 Sandholdt Road, Moss Landing, CA 95039-9644

Submit your cover letter and resume by e-mail to jobs@mbari.org
(preferred), or by fax to (831) 775-1620, or by mail to the above

MBARI considers all applicants for employment without regard to race,
color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or veteran status.