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Call for proposals to host ICAPS 2006

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Subject: Call for proposals to host ICAPS 2006
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 16:48:05 -0500
From: ICAPS 2004 <icaps04@rgoodwin.watson.ibm.com>
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                    Call for proposals to host ICAPS 2006

   The ICAPS Executive Council is seeking proposals to host the 2006
   International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling.  ICAPS is
   the premier international conferences focused on the field of automated
   planning and scheduling.

   There is no set format for the proposal, but potential applicants are
   strongly encouraged to include:

   * Organizers and Organizational Structure

     The proposal should indicate proposed program chair(s) and any other
     proposed conference committee members (e.g., conference chair, local
     arrangements chair), and include a short CV of each. A preliminary
     list of program committee members would also be useful.

   * Proposed conference dates and timetable

   ** Target date for conference is June or perhaps late May 2006

   ** Provisional time-table - should include submission-date; reviewing
      period; author notification date, for conferences, workshops, etc.

   * Venue

   ** Details of the venue and accommodation available to delegates
      including information about conference facilities, transportation
      access, accommodation and venue attractiveness.

   ** Previous experience of the local organization team in organizing
      similar events.

   * Format

   ** Information on the format of the conference (e.g. single track vs.
      multi-track, posters vs. presentations, etc.)

   ** Special related events such as potential invited speakers, workshops,
      competitions, demonstrations, visits, etc.

   ** Nature of any collocation with other conferences.

   * An outline budget of the event, including information regarding
     the break-even point, registration fees and model (e.g., whether a
     single fee applies to all events, policy for joint registration with
     collocated conferences), policy and support for students and young

   * List of potential sponsors and support organizations.

   * Proposed format for proceedings (e.g. published at conference, pre and
     post, on-line, CD-ROM).

   A number of other items would be positively considered, however, each of
   these is only one of several factors that the executive council will
   consider in their decision.

   - Proposals that foster interaction and cross fertilization with related
     fields (such as collocation with related conferences).

   - Proposals that include means for encouraging and including members of
     the community in early phases of their careers are also welcomed (such
     as the doctoral consortium at ICAPS 2003).

   - Proposals that include means for fostering new areas of work and
     growing potentially under-represented areas of work (such as the
     special tracks at ECP '01).

   Some funds are available carried over from previous conferences as seed
   money for future conferences. This money is required to guarantee the
   existence of the conference series and each organization applying to
   host ICAPS must show how they aim to cover the costs of the event (and,
   if possible, make a slight profit).

   Proposals to host ICAPS should be sent electronically (first preference
   PDF, second preference postscript) to:


   Please submit proposals by

          Friday 21 May 2004

   Proposers are welcome to submit draft proposals before that, asking for
   comments or advice on particular points.  Clearly the closer to the
   deadline, the harder it will be to offer feedback.

   Information about previous ICAPS conferences is available at


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