Challenges of Human-Aware AI Systems. Presentation at Microsoft Research Faculty Summit (Edge of AI), 2017

A talk on Societal Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

My testimony on AI & Healthcare to the Candian Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology: My opening statment and The video of the proceedings

Given all the talk about "bias" in AI/ML, I recalled something from my Last Lecture

A panel on AI at IBM World of Watson (with glitzy production values ;-)

Planning Challenges in Human-Machine Collaboration (In Praise of Human-Aware AI) Keynote Speech at CCAI-2016

Aspen Institute Round Table on AI: "Artificial Intelligence Comes of Age"

Existential threat, moi? (A 20min presentation at Get2016).

AI Thresholds (A 20min presentation at Hastings Center).

Future of Artificial Intelligence: A discussion panel at ASU

Symbols-Neurons, Logic-Probability, Replace-Augment, Disappointment-Doomsday: Where will the AI pendulum swing next? (Invited talk at AAAI-2016 Open house)

Last Lecture: You Can't do That Dave! Collateral Lessons from a Computational Quest to Design HAL

I am the program chair for IJCAI 2016 in New York. I am keeping a lighthearted blog amid the chaos, er.. excitement.

Planning Challenges in Human-Machine Collaboration (AI Seminar at U. Washington).

Don't think of a killer robot!: Framing the public perception of AI (@IJCAI 2015 panel on "Who Speaks for AI")

Media coverage of our research into Instagram: A recent story on Wired, Sydeny Morning Herald, and an earlier one on ABC News.

AAAI 2015 Tutorial on Human-in-the-Loop Planning & Decision Support

Winding Our Way Down to Wall-E: Adventures in AI (Honors Lecture Series 9/22/14)

AAAI 2014 short talk on What's Hot in Planning

Wittgenstein's papers and Faraday's talks: Maxims for a Milk-fed Researcher (IJCAI 2013 DC Talk)

My 8min of local TV fame! (Coverage of our Twitter work)

Follow the ASU Intro to AI course (Spring 2012) with online videos

Follow the ASU IR/IM/II course (Fall 2011) with online videos

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