Rao's "Last Lecture"

You Can't do That Dave!
Collateral Lessons from a Computational Quest to Design HAL

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Poster and Brochure. (Link to ASU Last Lecture Site)

"His lectures are at the same time wildly entertaining and a chock-full of incredible amount of material.
He has a talent for taking complex concepts often assembled from a mishmash of ideas, algorithms etc.,
spread across all different fields, and making them understandable.

He has a great sense of humor and his excitement for the subject matter he teaches is contagious.
One never knows where a lecture from this professor might go, but it is guaranteed to reward all in attendance.
I never experienced lectures quite like the ones this man gives, and that's a shame.

If the situation was flipped, and I was choosing the last lecture I would ever attend,
I would probably go to one given by this man."

--From the (anonymous) student nomination, as read at the lecture introduction

Subbarao Kambhampati
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