Festivus at ICAPS

Festivus at ICAPS

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Festivus 2012@Atibaia (organized by Erez Karpas)


Festivus 2008@Sydney


Rao's gripe at Festivus 2007 ( slides and audio)


%A video recording of Festivus (by Mabry Tyson)

Note: Amedeo and Martha did a primarily oral presentation (with just one slide each)

  • A (low bit rate) voice recording of the Festivus

  • Festivus photos

  • A video recording of Festivus (by Mabry Tyson) (now on Google Video!) Part 1 and Part 2

    Top 5 ways to enjoy Festivus@ICAPS

    1. You just had to be there!
    2. See the video above (thanks to Mabry Tyson)
    3. Listen to the audio while seeing the slides
    4. Listen to the audio alone.
    5. See the slides alone. (you miss the audience participation)
  • Acknowledgements: Thanks to the organizers of ICAPS 2005 (Kanna, Karen and Susanne) for taking a chance on this zany event. Thanks to the six plaintive souls for baring all on stage (which, even with the beer swig, was a formidable task). Thanks to Sam Steel for keeping us on time. Thanks most of all to the audience at ICAPS who made it all worthwhile with their spirited participation.

    We don't stop playing because we grow old.
      We grow old because we stop playing
                    --Bernard Shaw/Oliver Wendel Holmes
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