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Hold--I say--*hold*--the presses (egregious error in the previous cumulatives)...

So it has just been pointed out to me by the ever-watchful TA that I took the midterm grade twice instead of
midterm and final--in computing the exam total and thereby the cumulative. My apologies.

Here I believe are the *real* cumulatives. Also, this does change the "top" person in one of the sections.  They now can
proffer their advice to me about where the grade cutoffs should be... (and my apologies to the person who
had the "Dewey Wins" dejavu--I think he/she did a great job in the class over all).


ps: By the way, if you were tormented with too much work, just think of the poor TA who had to grade everything you guys did
       (and continued to look out for your interests even in the eleventh hour). Lei more than continues the tradition of
      outstanding TAs for cse471..