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In-class exam statistics


I graded the in-class exams; they will be returned to you at the end of the class tomorrow.

Here are the stats for the in-class exam (out of 85)

Undergrad  Avg=30.85;  Std dev= 16.72; Max=70.5; min= 8.5

Grad           Avg=42.10;  std dev=17.52;   Max=74.5; min=5

For the overall class here is the distribution
Top three scores: 74.5 (g); 70.5 (u); 65(g)

>70     (2; 1g; 1u)
60-70  (1; 1g)
50-60  (8;6g;2u)  --> means  there were 8 students between 50-60 of which 6 were grads and 2 were undergrads
40-50  (3; 3g)
30-40  (9;5g;4u)
20-30  (9;3g;6u)
10-20  (4;1g;3u)
0-10     (2;1g,1u)


ps 1: If any of the over 70 folks can guess who they are and send me an email (subject: I think I am the grad/undergrad who crossed 70)
I will buy them a geek present (i.e., book)--for doing well as well as being gutsy enough to guess that they did well ;-)

ps 2: Check the attachment for some unbaked philosophy on exams..

ps 3: If you need to vent, feel free to use the anonymous channel http://rakaposhi.eas.asu.edu/cgi-bin/mail?rao

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