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Project 1 -search Algorithm Submission

Dear all,  both hardcopy and softcopy is required for Project 1.

1). In your hardcopy, you should attach your source code with some description of your implementation of each task. You should include all the testcase output in Part III. There are in total 5 cases. For each case, you must print out the time, memory size and statistics of A* algorithm.   More difficult cases is encouraged to be included.  Please do some analysis and comparison based on the output. This will be counted for grading.

If you implemented  extra tasks, run your algorithm on the test cases as well and give some  comments.

2). Please submit  your lisp file through the blackboard system this time and in the future.  DON'T  email me your files as you did in previous project.

Here are the steps to enter the blackboard system. Just in case you are new student and have no idea about the blackboard system.
1. Log into http://my.asu.edu using your ASURITE id.
2. Click the link of "COURSES & ORGS" at the top,  then you'll see "MY BLACKBOARD COURSES" at the left side.
3. Click the link below "MY BLACKBOARD COURSES" to enter the blackboard system.  You should see a list of courses. (You might encounter a page with ASU logo at the center. Just skip that page. It should automatically redirect to your blackboard system page.)

Here is the instruction to submit  your project.
4. After you enter the blackboard system, click the link of CSE471/598: INTRO TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE(2006 Fall). Then, you'll see a list of links like "Announcements", "Course Information"... on the left.
5. Click "Assignments", then there's a link of "Project 1: Search Algorithm" for you to submit your source code. You can attach your files there and save them.  "Save" just saves your files there without submission. You can delete them or change them later.  You won't submit your files until you click the "Submit" button.   You can submit only ONCE!