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Welcome to CSE471/598...

Hi folks:

 Looks like you signed up for CSE471/598 (Intro to AI) for Fall (a
decision, you and your mailbox will no doubt grow to regret ;-).

 Just in case you haven't already figured out, the homepage for the
course can be found at http://rakaposhi.eas.asu.edu/cse471

(Notice that a lot of information there is from the last time I taught
the course. While I expect a lot to change, you can get a fair
understanding of the course content and expectations by looking at the
material there). 

[Aug  5, 2006]

ps: First (non-credit) exercise: Find out what is the point of the background
graphic in the main pane of the homepage.

ps2: Second (non-credit) exercise: check out the first two readings in
the readings page
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