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Project 2 Submission instructions

Project 2 requires only hardcopy submittal at class time Oct 16, Thursday. (NO e-mailing of code required.)

Your submittal should include:
* complete listing of all Lisp code employed * Dribble file of the tests outlined under Task 2 (note that this
cover Task 1 also). In analyzing the "depth of play" aspect, a short discussion of the

results of your investigation is sufficient.
* Alpha-beta pruning: Please submit dribble output of these 2 cases
with and without A-B pruning active:
1. You play 1st. Your moves are 2 2, then any open corner, then block
line, ..then just finish game
2. Computer plays 1st. Your moves are 1 1, 1 2, 3 1, 2 3.
If your version of the code doesn't permit any of these moves,
substitute other game play that demonstrates the A-B pruning.

 * Task 4 Ordering: Describe the ordering scheme you employ and
provide dribble output of alpha-beta runs with and without your scheme.

The extra credit problems are self-explanatory as to submittals.  Be
sure to provide the code and a concise analysis of results.