Summary of CEAS Evaluations & Student comments

For Kambhampati's courses Spring 1999-curent


For each course, the students' written comments on the CEAS evaluation sheets in response to the question "What did you like most about this course?" are listed below. (To find out the answers to "What did you like least about this course?" you will just have to take the course)[1]


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CSE571 [Fall 2023] Introduction to AI

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CEAS Averages: Instructor: 4.60 Course:4.39


23.  What did you like most about this course?

This class gave me the confidence and the foundation to be able to explore AI on my own. Before this class I was basically wandering aimlessly, not knowing what to do. Now, I feel confident and prepared to explore and learn about AI. Dr. Rao knows his stuff, and it shows. There are few classes that I feel so comfortable in just because I know I can trust everything that the instructor says. This is one of those classes. Dr. Rao links the concepts together beautifully and manages to progress all the way from first principles to modern bleeding edge concepts in a way that is very satisfactory as far as relevance to modern techniques. Every opinion he gives is well-formed and is well rooted in fact and reason.


The way professor relates LLM's with basic AI techniques.

The in depth applications of foundational AI and reinforcement learning was a great thing to learn and projects proved to be very beneficial.

The information discussed was very good and was clearly up-to-date with the latest developments in AI


The offline lectures and Profs enthusiasm. professor is awesome

Professor inspires to learn more and research new ideas. Pre-recorded lecture and doubt clearing class format

Very useful for the career. Lot of learning. Demanding course but totally worth it. Best course and the professor.

Teaching and teaching only. Mr Rao is a gem of a teacher.

I loved the way professor put his ideas clearly and help us understand the topics and most importantly he tries to connect the missing dots and helps us relate them to different topics for better understanding.

The thing I liked the most about the Subject was that it was related to topics that are currently trending. Like for e.g., we were taught about LLMs, ChatGPT, etc., which are currently hot topics in AI, and also how he cleared the misconception about AI, and how it's much more than just using models and training on preprocessed models like Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc.

The professor explained the concepts very clearly and made me understand that every topic is connected and are not disconnected lessons. The witty jokes made about AI concepts kept me engaged and were also thought provoking. The assignments were of a very high standard and were very useful to practice what concepts were learnt in the class

Professor's energy and enthusiasm about the subject.

The course covered a lot of important topics in AI and gave solid examples with real world applications. It definitely helped me learn a lot about the world of AI and everything that goes into it.