Planning and Scheduling with Over-Subscribed Resources, Preferences, and Soft Constraints

( AAAI 2007 Tutorial)

Here is a related tutorial from AAAI-2010

Presenters: Minh B. Do, Terry Zimmerman & Subbarao Kambhampati


This tutorial will focus on aspects of contemporary planning and scheduling problems that reside on common ground that is increasingly of interest to both communities; over-subscribed resources, preferences, and soft constraints. The term “over-subscribed” is applied to problems featuring more tasks to be performed over a given time frame (scheduling) or goals to be achieved (planning) than can be feasibly accommodated by available resources. Preferences, either user-specified or those that arise in the pursuit of maximizing quality/utility, are naturally associated with over-subscription problems as guides to selection of goal sets or action trajectories most likely to satisfy specified objectives.

We will discuss recent planning/scheduling evolutions that handle over-subscribed problems by modeling a subset of goals or tasks as soft constraints, in contrast to more traditional frameworks in which planning goals and scheduling tasks are hard constraints and all must be satisfied. Mixing soft and hard constraints motivates consideration of novel objective functions for choosing the “best” set of goals to achieve. Recent applications of soft constraints in modeling facilitating and hindering interactions between domain activities will also be covered. The material presented will be grounded in experience from ongoing programs such as the International Planning Competitions and the DARPA Coordinators program.

Schedule (Tentative)

The slides for the different parts will be available here before the conference



Subbarao Kambhampati

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