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*Mandatory* Interactive Review Question (Must answer as a comment on the blog)

As mentioned in the class today, all of you are required to answer the following Interactive Review question on the Blog (you enter your response using this link as a comment to the blog question). It has to be done by 2PM on Tuesday (notice that this is *before* the start of the last class).

===========(link takes you to the blog question page directly)======

List five or more non-trivial ideas you were able to appreciate during the course of this semester. 

(These cannot be gratuitous jargon dropping of the "I thought Bayes Nets were Groovy" variety--and have to include some justification).  

The collection of your responses will serve as a form of interactive review of the semester.


If you need to refresh the memory, the class notes page at http://rakaposhi.eas.asu.edu/cse471 has description of what was covered in each of the lectures.