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[CSE471] Instructions for your project-1 report

Hello all:
I hope you are doing well on your project 1, which will be due on the lovely Valentine's Day.

You will need to submit both the code and the hard copy of your report. I will have to send another email on how you will submit your code, but for your report please make sure that it includes:
(1) the commented code, 
(2) the sample runs for input cases, 
(3) the statistics as required in the project description, and 
(4) your analysis based on the results.

Although there will not be any specific point on what to address in your report, it should at least show that you understand the search algorithms and the differences between them, and give us a feeling that your code is actually working (which will also be tested). Here are some guidelines:
- What are your observations on the performance of the search strategies (both individually and in comparing to each other), in terms of running time, space, completeness, the admissibility/informness of heuristics etc. Do they actually match the theories you learned in the class?
- Displaying the results on graphs, especially for those comparing different approaches, would be very helpful.
- Some runs to show that your code is correct (part of the trajectory, for example).
- Any suggestion on how to improve the algorithms, data structures etc.
- Write your report as clearly as possible (for the code, fonts like courier seem nicer, and you can reduce the font size and space between lines as well).

Also, please print your report in the 2-sided format.