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TA Office Hours

I'll be holding open office hours from 11:00 to noon on Wednesdays in Rao's AI Lab, BYENG 557.  I'm in the back corner: 557BD.   The lab is left out of the elevator.

If that is an inconvenient time you are welcome to use email to either carry out the conversation or to make an appointment for some other time.  If you don't get some kind of response within a day, assume I didn't receive it.  Perhaps try another method, like walking up here so we can resolve the communication difficulty.  (I am usually around, and if not me, one of the honorary TAs surely will be.)

If there is general confusion about a subject (especially background material), say, LISP, and enough people tell me ahead of time I'll hold a recitation/refresher on the subject --- indeed, Rao just informed that such is happening with respect to specifically LISP.   Thursday, after class, room to be determined.  We'll take a brief look at the basics and maybe solve a few programming exercises (to the extent that is possible without actually doing Project 0!).  Feel free to ask any relevant questions.  You may receive relevant answers.  The advantage to you, incidentally, in a group setting rather than individual office hours is that your peers may ask the questions you didn't realize you had :).  If you are feeling particularly generous you can post your questions (whenever you have them) on the class blog, there to forever live as a perhaps useful resource.