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Welcome to CSE471 Class Mailing List (+Important information)

You are getting this mail either because you are registered for CSE471/598 or have filled the survey sheets today expressing interest in getting a seat. 

I will use this mailing list to do all the announcements regarding the class. 

All mails sent to this list will be archived also at the class mail archive (accessible from the class homepage) and class blog (for which you should have received an 

Posting etiquette: 

The mailing list will primarily be used  by me and the TAs.

The blog can be used by any of you to post and respond to observations/questions/comments relevant to the course. Things posted on the blog are not automatically emailed. 

Some announcements:

 1. The video and audio recordings of today's class are available at the class page (see lecture notes). The video file is ~4gig and will take a bit of time to download if you don't have fast connection. They are MP4 files and can be played with players such as vlc viewer. 

 2. If you are registered for the class, and have not shown up today and turned in the survey, please let me know if you are planning to stay registered for the course.