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rest of the semester


We will have just three meetings left 4/15; 4/22 and 4/29 before the semester end.

I want to do POMDPs before the semester, and  I would like to schedule it for 4/22.
I also want to do Markov Games before the semester ends and that can be 4/29.

This means we won't get to the following topics (of which I guess I only will really miss Kernel Methods).

  Kernel methods­Support vector machines  (paper TBDr) [Mariano]
  Utility and MDPs (R&N 16 and 17) [Menkes]
   Reinforcement learning  (R&N 21) [J Benton]

We have Dan Bryce for POMDP. If any of you would like to do Markov Networks, let me know.

Also, it will be probably better for someone else other than Srini to lead next week's discussion--he has already
done two by now and a bunch of you haven't done any..

Let me know who wants to volunteer.