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AAAI-05 Abstract Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission of technical paper ABSTRACTS for the Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-05) is tomorrow, March 18 by 11:59 PM PST. Please note that all authors are required to submit an abstract by this date and time. This information will be critical during the coming days as paper review assignments are made. Abstracts should be entered into the abstract field on the paper registration page of the AAAI technical paper submission site (http://www.aaaiservices.org/confmaster/ConfMasterV1.5/pages/login.php?Conf=aaai2005). You can elect to submit your full paper at the same time or later. No author information should be included in the abstract field, but should be entered in the appropriate fields provided.

Full papers are due no later than Tuesday, March 22 at 11:59 PM PST. Papers should be formatted for blind review (see below and http://www.aaai.org/Conferences/National/2005/technical05.html for complete instructions).

Please feel free to contact us at aaai05@aaai.org if you have any questions regarding abstract or paper submissions.


Carol Hamilton
Executive Director
American Association for Artificial Intelligence


Blind Review Preparation

Reviewing for AAAI-05 will be blind to the identities of the authors. The first page, on which the paper body begins, should include the title, abstract, content areas, and ID number (if available), but not the acknowledgments and names or affiliations of the authors. The references should include all published literature relevant to the paper, including previous works of the authors, but should not include unpublished works.

When referring to one's own work, use the third person, rather than the first person. For example, say "Previously, Clinton (Clinton 1996) has shown that...," rather than "In our previous work (Clinton 1996) we have shown that...." Try to avoid including any information in the body of the paper or references that would identify the authors or their institutions.  Such information may be added to the final camera-ready version for publication.

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