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A blind carbon copy

This is a blind carbon copy.
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Can you include the following call for papers in your next planning =

digest please?

Many thanks


Call For Papers

ICAPS-04 Workshop: Connecting Planning Theory with Practice
June 4, 2004. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

The theoretical and applied branches of the AI planning community have =

both made significant progress in recent years. New strategies allow =

research systems to solve sizable problems that can include time and =

resource considerations. Applied work has succeeded in controlling =

complex devices and is breaking into broader application areas with the=

mixed-initiative paradigm. The concern is the gap between the issues =

and technologies being pursued in the branches. Theory centered work =

tends to focus on search speed and finding shortest plans while applied=

practitioners look for qualitatively different plans and ways to open =

the planning process to afford users more control over the solutions.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers from both=

branches to seek a cross-fertilization of issues and technologies. We =

are seeking two types of paper.
* Position papers that provide strong thought provoking insights in to =

the relationship between planning theory and practice.
* Technical Papers that describe theoretical work which is ripe for =

exploration or applications that have uncovered significant theoretical=


Susanne Biundo, University of Ulm, Germany.
Peter Jarvis, SRI International, USA.

=A0Program Committee
Steve Chien JPL, USA.
Maria Fox University of Strathclyde, UK.
J=F6rg Hoffmann Institut f=FCr Informatik Albert-Ludwigs-Universit=E4t =

Freiburg, Germany.
Lee McCluskey Uni. of Huddersfield, UK.
Keith Golden NASA Ames, USA.
Subbarao Kambhampati Arizona=A0State University, USA.
Sam Steel University of Essex, UK.

Initial Submission: Feb. 17 2004
Notification March: 16 2004
Camera Ready Copy: March 30 2004

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