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Fwd: Taking a stand--response to an anymous mail

[The following mail was sent to me using the class anonymous feedback facility 


Since there is no way to respond to the individual directly, I am sending this to class list.]

Dear X and others who may be in that position:

 My apologies to the somewhat unfortunate situation you found yourself in. I did not intend to penalize planning ahead.

[In general, if I introduce an additional time-consuming opportunity --such as this at-home exam, I will be willing to listen to reason on its effect on the other proximal deadlines in this particular class. So, you should just ask me directly about any
Hobson's (or even Sophie's) choice you might be facing. ]

In this case, the  simplest remedy  would  have been for me to give you time to compete the at-home exam, if you wanted to. Unfortunately, from the mail below, it seems you were at the class today and heard my discussion of the exam solutions. 

If you can think of other reasonable remedies, you may  contact me.


Regarding meritocracy vs. mediocrity, I  guess we all wrestle with the tradeoff between dull woods and deafening woods

"The woods will be very silent if no birds sang  except those that sing the best. "
                                               Henry David Thoreau

Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 14:14:39 -0700 (MST)
From: CSE494@cotopaxi.eas.asu.edu (WebMonitor mail)
Subject: Taking a stand
To: rao@asu.edu
Reply-to: CSE494@cotopaxi.eas.asu.edu (WebMonitor mail)
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It was decided in class today that the project would be shortened and the deadline extended.  This was done because the majority of the class had not done/started/completed the project.  I have no problem with that.  In fact, I think it's extremely generous of you, and I thank you for it.

I would like to say that rather than doing the take home exam, I spent the weekend working on the project.

I would also like to say that the reason nobody in class was done or had started the project was because they were all busy retaking the midterm.  Knowing this, I chose to spend my time on the project, with the intent that I would be able to get a working project in to you by the original due date.

I also agree with the reasons you stated in class (about being a class for us, and how mediocrity is all over the world).  But it's an interesting to note that the ones that do think ahead, (dare I say, myself), get penalized for it.  This will "scar" me for life, in a good way, of course.

Sincerely yours.