CSE 574: Planning and Learning

Next Offering: Spring 2008

Instructor: Subbarao Kambhampati

Honorary (aka unpaid) Teaching Czars (in the order of seniority):


Lecture: T,Th 3:15--4:30 BY 190
Office Hours:

Text Book:

We will use parts of Ghallab et. al.'s book (available from the bookstore), plus material taken from several research, survey and tutorial papers.


(See also the homepages of S'03, S'00 and S'99 offerings)
One of the central problems in Artifcial Intelligence is that of planning--deciding a sequence of actions that can take an agent from a given initial state of the world to a desired goal state. This course will provide an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of AI planning and scheduling methods. It will cover various issues in representing and reasoning about actions and plans, existing architectures for synthesizing plans, and interactions between planning, learning and execution.

There is no required text book for this course. Readings will be drawn from a set of tutorial papers as well as conference/journal papers (see syllabus). Depending on my progress, I may be able to distribute rough drafts of a book under preparation.

Online synopses of the class discussions will be put on the class home-page throughout the semester.


CSE471 -- Introduction to AI (or consent of instructor)


Grades will be based on two exams, class participation, a set of homeworks and a project. The relative weights are: