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AltAlt Planner.

AltAlt system is a domain-independent planner based on a combination of Graphplan and heuristic state space search technology.  Currently, the executable code is available for Unix (Solaris 5.8) and Windows (2000&XP). If you need the source code or a Linux executable file please contact me.

Windows version: For this particular version you will need at least the Cygwin DLL dynamic library to run the planner. Observe that you may not need to install the whole Cygwin package, although it is a very useful utility to have. After downloading and unzipping the planner and the .dll library, modify your Path environment variable to include the directories where you put the files.

Unix version: Download and unzip the file. Modify your Path variable to include the AltAlt directory.

Usage instructions:

Running the planner without any parameters will give you a short usage description, just type: altalt

The default mode will be: altalt domain-file.pddl problem-file.pddl

Running with some heuristics: altalt domain-file.pddl problem-file.pddl HCOMBO

Outputting the results to a file: altalt domain-file.pddl problem-file.pddl HCOMBO -of results.txt

Executable Code:

Windows Version (2000 & XP).

Unix Version (Solaris 5.8).

Linux Version.

Additional Links:

Visit the AltAlt web page if you are interested in this project.

List of Planners.

FF: Windows and Solaris  For details visit the FF page.

STAN: Windows and Solaris. For details visit the STAN page

GP-CSP: Windows and Solaris. For details visit the GP-CSP Page

BLACKBOX: Windows. Check the Planner WebPage

VHPOP: Windows and Solaris. More details @ its HomePage

LPG: Linux and Unix Executables only

Sapa: Source Code (Java)

Planning Domains.

Logistics Domain from AIPS 2000.

Blocks World Domain from AIPS 2000.

Schedule Domain from AIPS 2000.

DriverLog Domain from AIPS 2002.

Domains come with a subset of their original problems.

Domains related to Homework 4, Question 1.

Rocket Rocket Domain and problem.

HSP BW Parallel BW domain from HSP.

Temporal Planning Domains.

DriverLog Domain from AIPS 2002.

Satellite Domain from AIPS 2002.


For any comments on the code or questions about the planners contact to:

Romeo Sanchez Nigenda.

Or, if you have any general questions regarding the class topics please feel free to contact me during my unofficial office hours: Tuesdays/Thursday from 2:00 pm to 2:55 pm (room GWC 387). Please, call me to 480-965-2735 before coming.


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