Lecture Notes for CSE571 (F09)

Lecture notes:
  1. Introduction
  2. Pendulum Swings and current trends in AI
  3. Beyond Classical Search (Non-deterministic; Partially Observable)
  4. Online Search (which ends beyond classical search); Belief-space planning
  5. Heuirstics for Belief Search
  6. MDPs
  7. Efficient/Approximate approaches for MDP solving
  8. Heuristics for Stochastic Planning
  9. Reinforcement Learning
  10. Decision Theory & Preference Handling
  11. Temporal Probabilistic Models
  12. Statistical Learning
  13. Inference and Learning in Markov Nets (undirected graphical models)+ may be Markov Logic Nets

Classes to come

  1. 12/14 (final): Project presentations

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