Other Courses Related to CSE494

  1. Advanced Internet Systems (Dan Weld at University of Washington; Senior level)
  2. Intelligent Internet Systems (Dan Weld at University of Washington; Graduate level)
  3. UCLA course on IR
  4. Data mining, Search and World Wide Web (A seminar course by Larry Page and Sergey Brin--founders of Google--in their pre-google days
  5. Datastructures and Algorithms for Information Retrieval Course at University of Maryland.
  6. Data Mining and Data Warehousing (Huan Liu and ASU)
  7. Information Organization and Retrieval (Marti Hearst at Berkeley)
  8. Course on Information Retrieval at SUNY Binghamton
  9. Web Data Management course at SUNY Binghamtom
  10. Large-scale (text?) datamining course at Austin Here is the L 2001 version
  11. Course by C. L. Giles on Web Computing (at PSU, Fall 2000)
  12. Jon Kleinberg's course at Cornell on Structure of Information Networks

Some non-course links

  1. Homepage for the Information Retrieval Textbook
  2. Web agents bibliography at Brown. Seems like a good collection of papers.
  3. Monika Henzinger--has tutorials on web information retrieval tutorials (Research Director for Google)

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