Next Offering: Fall 2015; Friday 1:30pm--4PM. LSE 106

Additional pointers:

CSE 471/598: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
(Spring 2012; T,Th 4:30--5:45pm BYENG M1-09)

Here are student comments from the Spring 2009 offering

Check out my 2011 ASU Last Lecture on Life-lessons from AI

Check out Lecture Notes from the last offering

Grad students--especially PhDs-- If you want a section-full override for 598 section, send me an email *with your student id*.

[Semester final for Spring 2012: Tuesday, May 1st 2:30 - 4:20 PM]

Instructor: Subbarao Kambhampati

Office: BY 560 (Office hours: 1-2pm T/Th)
Telephone: 965-0113
E-mail: rao who lives at asu period edu


TA : William Cushing

Office Hours: TBD

Honorary TAs/Tutors: Kartik Talamadupula, Tuan Nguyen

Text Book:

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Russell and Norvig (3rd Edition).

Recommended Lisp Environment:

Lisp in a box is the highly recommended lisp environment for the class projects.

Practical Common Lisp by Peter Seibel (freely available online!) is the best tutorial for lisp based on Lisp in a box.

Supplementary Information:

Additional on-line pointers to all the chapters in the text book
Transparencies from the text book.
Here is the psnup executable for pcs. You can use it to print the slides 4 per page--just do "psnup -4" and print on any postscript capable printer.
ANSI Common Lisp by Paul Graham